Field Trip

2018 China Spice Conference

Post Tour



Nov.3,2018 Saturday


08:00 Depart to Visit Taihu Lake


12:00 Finish visiting and Drive to Restaurant


13:00 Lunch


13:45 Visit Wuxi Tianpeng Vegetable Basket Project Co.,Ltd. and Its Spice Area


14:30 Drive to Kunshan City


16:00 Visit Tien Yuan Aromatics (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for Mint Production


16:40 Visit Jofont Biotechnology (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for Seasoning Production


18:00 Supper in Jofong Company with Food Cooked by Their Own Seasonings


18:40 Drive for Kunshan Railway Station or Pudong Airport Kunshan Terminal


19:40 Take Train and Leave Kunshan City



Wuxi Tianpeng Food Mall Ltd.


Wuxi Tianpeng Food Mall Ltd. was established in 1993, and has developed into a domestic large-scale modernized agricultural product wholesale market.  The Company owns three markets so far such as a frozen and dry condiment market, an meat product wholesale market and a seafood market.  We also built 2 intellectual refrigerated chambers with the total capacity of 60,000 tons to support all three markets.  It has developed into a pattern as mainly in frozen product market and supplementary in animal product and sea food product so far.  In the year of 2015, we attained ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification and the Green Market Certification.

 Frozen Dry Condiment Product Market

 The frozen dry condiment product market takes imported and domestic frozen pork, beef, lamb, poultry and subsidiary products as its main business, as well as dry goods, condiments and pouch packed food.  The importing countries include Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, and Australia.  540 stores are set in the market with 450 proprietors.  The annual turnover is over 500,000 tons with the amount of income as 10 billion RMB occupying about 70% of local total consumption.  Over 20 provinces and cities are involved.  It has been awarded as Top 10 of National Meat, Poultry and Egg Wholesale Market, Top 50 of National Agricultural Product Wholesale Market, National Demonstration Market with Civilized and Integrity Business, The Market with Strongest International Influence in the 30-year Development of Chinese Agricultural Product Wholesale Market Industry.






Tien Yuan Aromatics (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd.

Jofont Biotechnology (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd.





Established in 1980, Jofont group, a manufacturer of spices and seasonings, is dedicated to providing superior quality products .We pride ourselves in sourcing and manufacturing products that our customers can use with confidence and trust. We have today's achievements and keep stable growth thanks to the continuous support and patronage from our clients, vendors and material suppliers.

Over the past several decades, we have become experts not only in spices application, but also expanding the field of bio-technology, the focus to spice extracts and its active ingredient isolation.

We realized the importance of safety in food industry. Having a good quality control management in raw material procurement is the first step, but the most key one.

JOFONT has been closely collaborated with suppliers in the main producing areas. By establishing a strategic partnership with long-term suppliers and advanced inspection instrument, we verify the variety of raw material, check up its active ingredient and minimize risks of safety.

From 2012, through the introduction of high-tech research and development with automated production lines depending on different types of production procedures and spice characteristics for the active components of raw material are maximum reserved during processes to conduce to superior quality and high competitiveness in our products, we have 4 technologically advanced manufacturing plants with ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications in Taiwan and China for various demands. We have six main product series for customers: natural spices, natural extracts, Millard reaction products, thermal reaction products, dedicated spices and functional ingredients widely used in food industry and catering one. We pursue world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Jofont, we have the best team and own completely innovative technology to maximize efficiency and innovation in our products. We are pleased to provide safer and innovative solutions to who seek more creative, more attractive and functional ingredients. Our value-added one-stop service ensures maximum customer satisfaction that customers can use with peace of mind.


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