2018 China Spice Conference



2018 China Spice Conference is an excellent opportunity for the enterprises to show their image and promote their products. The Conference will set up around 15 exhibition booths for participants.

A. Location of exhibition:

Back and side parts of the conference hall, or corridor outside the hall.

Excellent place to show the images of exhibitors.

B. Exhibition Fee is USD300/booth, includes:

  a. 2 tables(1.8m*0.45m), 3 chairs

  b. Back board printing and installation

  c. Ads for exhibitors on website

C.Time Schedule:

From 18:00 Oct.31, 2018 (from welcome dinner)

To   13:00 Nov.2, 2018 (after lunch)




A. Selection of the booths is subject to the registration order, once the booth is selected, the location can not be changed anymore.

B. Staff on the booth should also be formal delegates of the conference.

C. Deadline for registration is Oct.10, 2018.

D. The picture used for back board should be designed by the exhibitors according to the requirements of the secretariat. Electronic copy of the picture should be submitted to secretariat no later than Oct.15, 2018.


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