Speeches of 2018 China Spice Conference

Oct.31 to Nov.2, 2018  Wuxi, China


Welcome speeches by

President of China Spice Association

President of Jiangnan University

Association Work Report by Chairman of CSA



I.Market Reports of China Spice  Morning Nov.1

1、2018 Market Report of China Pepper -- Chen Kebo, Chairman of Hainan Pepper Association

2、2018 Market Report of China Star Anise and Cassia -- Wei Xingsong, Vice Chairman of Guangxi Star Anise and Cassia Association

3、2018 Market Report of China Paprika -- Ramon Sabater, GM of Qingdao Sabater Spices Food Co.,Ltd.

4、2018 Market Report of China Red Pepper -- Chen Shuangting, GM of Hancheng Hongda Sichuan Pepper Flavor Co.,Ltd.  

5、2018 Market Report of China Garlic -- Gao Zhan, GM of Shandong Taishan  Lee Food Technologies Co.,Ltd.

6、2018 Market Report of China Dehydrated Vegetable, Onion, Garlic -- Hai Su, Director of BCFoods,Inc.


II. Market Reports from Other Countries  Morning Nov.1

7、Global Black Pepper Market -- Jos Van Gulick, Group Corporate Development , Nedspice


III. International Market and Development  Afternoon Nov.1

8、ESA and European Spice Market -- Simon Cripps, Chairman of ESA

9、Supplier Expectation -- Dirk D. Beekman, Ph.D., VP of Newly Weds Foods

10、Sustainability Report on Spice Industry -- Alfons van Gulick, Chairman of Sustainable Spices Initiative


VI. Standard and Regulations  Afternoon Nov.1

11、Standard of Spices in China -- Zhao Botao, Vice Director of China Standardization Committee of Spices

12、Food Fraud: State of the Discussion in Europe and the Resulting Analytical Possibilities C Joerg Lickfett, Strategic Account Manager International of Eurofins


V. Quality and Technics  Morning Nov.2

13、Food Safety and Quality Assurance at McCormick & Company C A Preventive, Chain of Custody Approach -- Roger T. Lawrence, VP of McCormick USA

14、Screening of Natural Active Ingredients in Food and Regulation of Antibacterial Activity C Dr. Lou Zaixiang, Vice Professor of Food College of Jiangnan University

15、Studies on Preservation of Natural Spices -- Pro. Yao Weirong, Doctoral Supervisor, Food College of Jiangnan University

16、The Role of Information Technology in Modern Agriculture and in support of the Food Safety Modernization Act  (FSMA) -- Adam Lee, President of BCFoods,Inc.


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