2018 China Spice Conference Programme


2018 China Spice Conference


Oct.31,2018  Wednesday

10:00-22:00 Registration

18:00 Exhibition

19:00 Welcome Dinner

Nov.1, 2018 Thursday

08:30-18:00 Exhibition

09:00 Opening Ceremony

--Mr. Rong Weidong  President of China Spice Association

--Mr. Chen Wei  Vice President of Jiangnan University

--Mr. Mike Liu  Chairman of China Spice Association

09:20 Speech I 2018 Report of Pepper Market in China

Mr. Chen Kebo, Chairman of Hainan Pepper Association

09:45 Speech II New Characteristics and Countermeasures to Industry of Star

Aniseed and Cassia in China

Mr. Wei Xingsong, Vice Chairman of Guangxi Star Aniseed and Cassia Federation

10:10 Speech III Paprika Industry and China Market Situation

Mr. Ramon Sabater Galindo, General Manager of Qingdao Sabater Spices Food Co.,Ltd.

10:35 Tea Break, Group Photo (outside 1st Floor Conference Building)

Exhibition and Business Talks

11:15 Speech IV 2018 China Prickly Ash (Sichuan Pepper) Annual Report

Mr. Chen Shuangting, General Manager of Hancheng Hongda Food Flavor Co.,Ltd.

11:40 Speech V China Garlic Market

Mr. Gao Zhan, Vice General Manager of Shandong Taishan Lee Food Technologies Co.,Ltd.

12:05 Speech VI 2018 Market Report of China Dehydrated Vegetable, Onion and Garlic

Mr. Hai Su, Director of Supply Chain Development (Asia) of BCFoods Inc.

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Speech VII Crop Report - Pepper

Mr. Josephus Van Gulick, Manager Corporate Development Department, Nedspice Emea Bv

14:30 Speech VIII Sustainable Growth in the Spice Industry

Mr. Simon Cripps, Chairman of European Spice Association

15:00 Speech IX Food Processors’ Supply Chain Expectations

Mr. Dirk D.Beekman, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer of Newly Weds Food

15:30 Tea Break, Exhibition and Business Talks

16:30 Speech X Why Our Industry and Your Company Needs Sustainability?

Mr. Alfons van Gulick, Chairman of Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI)

17:00 Speech XI Food Fraud: State of the Discussion in Europe and the Resulting Analytical Possibilities

Mr. Jörg Lickfett, Strategic Account Manager of Eurofins

17:30 Speech XII Situation and Development of China Spices Standards

Mr. Zhao Botao, Assistant Dean of Nanjing Institute for Comprehensive

Utilization of Wild Plants, Researcher

18:00 Dinner

Nov.2,2018 Friday

08:30-12:00 Exhibition

09:00 Speech XIII Developing Strong Supply Chain Sourcing Foundations for Spices

Mr. Roger Lawrence, Vp Global Quality Assurance - Corporate of McCormick & Company,Inc.

09:40 Speech XIV Separation and Modification of Natural Active Ingredients in Food Seasonings and Their Effects on Reducing Bacterial Toxicity and Enhancing the Efficiency of Food Preservation

Dr. Lou Zaixiang, Vice Professor of Jiangnan University

10:20 Tea Break, Exhibition and Business Talks

11:00 Speech XV Study on Preservation of Essential Oil Components

Prof. Yao Weirong, Doctorial Supervisor of Jiangnan University

11:45 Speech XVI The Role of IT in Modern Agriculture and in Support of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Mr. Adam Lee, President of BCFoods,Inc.

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Check out

Nov.2,2018 Friday

Study Tour

14:00 Gather in Lobby and Depart

14:30 Study and Visit in Food College of Jiangnan University

15:30 To Next Stop

16:00 Visit Buhler (Wuxi) Commercial Co.,Ltd.

17:30 To Next Stop

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Back to Hotel

Nov.3,2018 Saturday

08:00 Depart to Visit Taihu Lake

12:00 Finish visiting and Drive to Restaurant

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Visit Wuxi Tianpeng Vegetable Basket Project Co.,Ltd. and Its Spice Area

14:30 Drive to Kunshan City

16:00 Visit Tien Yuan Aromatics (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for Mint Production

16:40 Visit Jofont Biotechnology (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for Seasoning Production

18:00 Supper in Jofong Company with Food Cooked by Their Own Seasonings

18:40 Drive for Kunshan Railway Station or Pudong Airport Kunshan Terminal

19:40 Take Train and Leave Kunshan City



Registration: Lobby of East Building, Hubin Hotel, Wuxi

Conference on Nov.1-2: Conference Hall, 2nd Floor

Breakfast: Buffet, 1st Floor

Lunches: Buffet, 1st Floor

Dinner on Oct.31: Conference Hall, 2nd Floor

Dinner on Nov.1: Meiyuan Room, 2nd Floor

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