2019 China Spice Conference Post Tour


Nov.24, 2019  Sunday

09:00 Take on bus and depart

09:45 Arrive at College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultral University and visit

11:30 Drive to Zhenjiang City

12:30 Lunch in Zhenjiang City

13:30 Visit Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry Co.,Ltd.

15:00 Drive back to Nanjing.  Stop at Zhenjiang High-speed Railway Station, and Nanjing South High Speed Railway Station

17:30 Back at Jumerah Hotel, Nanjing


Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Co., Ltd. was founded in 1840 during the Qing Daoguang Period and is a “China Time-honored Brand” enterprise. In August 1999, the company was renamed by the shareholding system; in February 2001, it was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange market. Hengshun, from the Buddhist "Hua Yan Jing": Hengshun sentient beings; meaning: always follow the good needs of all beings. In 1840, Zhu Zhaohuai founded the "Zhu Hengshun sauce-vinegar workshop" with the business philosophy of "Hengshun All Lives", which opened the development journey of "Hundred Years Hengshun".

For more than 170 years, “Hengshun People” has always been committed to the benefit of society, forging ahead and self-improvement, and developing a traditional small sauce vinegar workshop into a modern enterprise group and listed company. The total assets of the group company reached 4 billion, with annual sales exceeding 2 billion, of which the main sales amounted to 1.2 billion. In the process of continuous development and growth of the enterprise, “Hengshun People” inherits the ancient techniques of brewing, strictly adheres to the factory training of “Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise”, and the unique “Hengshun solid layered fermentation technology” is included in the national intangible cultural heritage Protection list. On the basis of focusing on inheritance, “Hengshun People” pays more attention to innovation and development. The company leads the development trend of the industry with the pool of cylinders, mechanical turning, industrial development and capitalized operation. Hengshun Enterprise has also become the chairman of the China Condiment Association and the chairman of the China Vinegar Professional Committee due to its outstanding contribution to the development of the industry.





College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultral University 


The College of Food Science and Technology (CFST) at Nanjing Agricultural University (NJAU) can be traced back to the Department of Agricultural Product Manufacturing at National Southeast University in 1921, as well as the Department of Food Industry at National Central University in 1927. The Department of Food Science at NJAU was founded in 1985, which was one of the earliest Departments of Food Science and Technology in agricultural universities and colleges nationwide. In 1996, it was renamed as the College of Food Science and Technology.


CFST consists of three departments, including Department of Food Science and Engineering, Department of Food Quality and Safety, and Department of Bioengineering. Now, CFST is the food science and engineering doctoral degree conferring unit, which possesses one post-doctoral station, one national key discipline (under incubation), one Jiangsu provincial first-class key discipline, one Jiangsu provincial preponderant discipline, one Jiangsu provincial second-class key discipline, four Ph.D programmes, and four M.S. programmes. The major Food Science and Engineering is the national characteristic major, which has been selected as the excellent national agricultural and forestry education programme in the first round. In the meantime, two majors including Food Science and Engineering, and Food Safety and Quality are Jiangsu provincial key majors in food science and engineering area. The major Bioengineering is also Jiangsu provincial characteristic major. There are several research units and associations affiliating to CFST, including National Center of Meat Quality and Safety Control, China-US Joint Research Center for Food Quality and Safety, Chinese Association of Animal Products Processing and another nine ministerial and provincial research/teaching platforms. In the fourth nationwide discipline evaluation in 2017, the food science discipline in CFST was marked as A-, which was ranked the forth in China. Moreover, the agricultural science discipline in NJAU was ranked the top 0.1% in ESI Rankings, and the food science discipline made an important contribution to this ranking.


Currently, there are 110 staffs in CFST, including 71 faculty members. The faculty involves 28 full professors and 30 associate professors. Among them, 92% of the faculty members hold a Ph.D degree. The faculty has been awarded a series of talent titles, such as “Nationwide Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project ” (1 person), “National Ten-thousand Talent Project” (1 person), “Special Allowance of the State Council” (2 persons), “New Century Excellent Talent of Ministry of Education” (2 persons), “Excellent Young Teacher Fund Project of Ministry of Education” (2 persons), “National Scientist in Agricultural System” (3 persons), “Jiangsu Provincial Young and Middle Aged Scientist with outstanding contribution” (3 persons), “Jiangsu Provincial 333 Project at Second Level” (4 persons), “Jiangsu Provincial Qinglan Project -Young and Middle Aged Excellent Academic Leader” (5 persons), “Jiangsu Provincial Qinglan Project -Young and Middle Aged Excellent Researchers” (5 persons), “Zhongshan Young Talent” (11 persons). Moreover, one faculty member is simultaneously elected as the fellows of IFT (Institute of Food Technologists, USA) and IUFoST (International Academy of Food Science and Technology). One faculty member is serving as the chair of ISO/TC34/SC6. One faculty member served as the associate editor of Meat Science and another faculty member is serving as the associate editor of the same journal. Besides, more than 30 faculty members are serving in national academic associations. The whole faculty has been awarded the Excellent and Innovative Faculty by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Qinglan Project - Excellent Faculty by Jiangsu Government.


In the past five years, CFST has undertaken more than 150 research projects with 130 million Yuan, which were funded by National Natural Science Foundation, National High-Tech R&D Program of China and other foundations. CFST has published more than 850 research papers in national and international journals including 600 SCI papers, 10 professional books and 20 textbooks. CFST has also applied 150 patents, 100 of which have been authorized. Moreover, CFST has led the design of 11 UN/ECE and national standards. Due to the outstanding research outcomes, CFST has been awarded one National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (second-class) and another 20 ministerial and provincial research prizes.


CFST has built solid collaborations with University of California - Davis (USA), Cornell University (USA), Reading University (UK), ParisTech (France), Kyungpook National University (South Korea), St Petersburg University (Russia), and other foreign universities. Each year, around 60 students in CFST can join the international student exchange programmes.



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