2019 China Spice Conference Speeches


Nov.21-24,2019  Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing, China




1、Szechuan, Chili and Black Pepper Crop Report & Mexican Chili Introduction

Mr. Cai Yangyang: Business Director of BCFoods

Mr. Baljit (Bal) Singh Pattar: Business Director of Culinary Farms Inc.

2、Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Sichuan Pepper Industry in 2019

Mr. Chen Shuangting: Chairman of the Board of Hancheng Hongda Sichuan Pepper Flavor Co.,Ltd.

 3、Analysis of China and Global Pepper Market in 2019

Mr. Chen Kebo: Chairman of Hainan Pepper Association 

4、2019 Industry Report of China Star Aniseed and Cassia -- Great China, Beautiful Guangxi

Mr. Wei Xingsong: Director of Longchun Star Aniseed Cooperative in Tengxian County, Guangxi

5、2019 Market Report of China Dehydrated Vegetable and Onion

Mr. Su Hai: Business Director of BCFoods Inc.

6、2019 Chinese Garlic Crop Report

Mr. Fu Yingbo: Sales Manager of Shandong Manhing Spice Corporation

7、Thoughts about Value-added Innovation and Development of Spices

Mr. Zhao Botao: Researcher/Vice Director of Nanjing Institute for Comprehensive Utilization of Wild Plants

8、Application Status and Development Trend of Fermentation and Enzyme Preparations in Complex Seasoning

Prof. Li Wei: Doctoral Supervisor of College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University

9、China Paprika and Paprika Industry Evolution

Mr. Ramon Sabater: General Manager of Qingdao Sabater Spices Food Co.,Ltd.

 10、From Cassia to Cinnamon in 1960s to 2020s!

Mr. Nilesh Dattani: Managing Director of Orient Resources Company, Hongkong

 11、Turkish Herbs Report

Mr. Sayil Gundem: Sales Director of Kutas Group, Turkey

 12、Assuring Food Integrity in a Global Supply Chain

Mr. Larry Lichter: Vice President, Global Quality & Food Safety of McCormick & Company, Inc., USA

 13、Update on US Policies and Regulations Impacting Spice Trade: Perspectives from ASTA

Ms. Laura Shumow: Executive Director of American Spice Trade Association, USA

 14、Global Pepper Market Updates

Ms. Hoang Thi Lien: Executive Director of International Pepper Community, Indonesia 

15、Mastering Challenges Together: Cooperation Between ESA and Origin Countries

Mr. Simon Cripps: President of European Spice Association, UK 

16、Microbiological Problems and Preventive Measures in Spice Industry

Ms. Zhang Hongmei: Senior Technical Manager of SGS

17、Latest Laboratory and Quality News for Spice Exporters to Europe

Mr. Jörg Lickfett: Strategic Account Manager of Eurofins Ndsc Food Testing Germany Gmbh

18、Pepper Global Crop Report 2020 

Mr. Willem Scato Van Walt Meijer: General Director of Nedspice Processing Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.

Ms. Anh Thai Van:  Market Research Manager of Nedspice Processing Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.

19、Sustainable Spices and Herbs -- Scaling Impact

Mr. Giridhar Rao: V.P (Sustainable Spices & Herbs) of Griffith Foods WW, India


Special Invited Speeches:

1、Analysis of Spice International Trade Situation

   Mr. Zhang Lubiao, Director of Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of Ministry of

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

2、Policy on Development of Characteristic Industry

   Mr. ***, Director of Department of Industry Development of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs



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