2019 China Spice Conference Speeches


Nov.21-24,2019  Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing, China


1、Cai Yangyang

Szechuan, Chili and Black Pepper Crop Report & Mexican Chili Introduction


2、Chen Shuangting

Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Sichuan Pepper Industry in 2019


3、Chen Kebo

Analysis of China and Global Pepper Market in 2019


4、Wei Xingsong

2019 Industry Report of China Star Aniseed and Cassia -- Great China, Beautiful Guangxi


5、Su Hai

2019 Market Report of China Dehydrated Vegetable, Onion and Garlic


6、Fu Yingbo

2019 Chinese Garlic Crop Report


7、Zhao Botao

Thoughts about Value-added Innovation and Development of Spices


8、Li Wei

Application Status and Development Trend of Fermentation and Enzyme Preparations in Complex Seasoning


9、Ramon Sabater

China Paprika and Paprika Industry Evolution


10、Nilesh Dattani

From Cassia to Cinnamon in 1960s to 2020s!


11、Sayil Gundem

Turkish Herbs Report


12、Larry Lichter

Assuring Food Integrity in a Global Supply Chain


13、 Laura Shumow

Update on US Policies and Regulations Impacting Spice Trade: Perspectives from ASTA


14、Hoang Thi Lien

Global Pepper Market Updates


15、Simon Cripps

Mastering Challenges Together: Cooperation Between ESA and Origin Countries


16、Zhang Hongmei

Microbiological Problems and Preventive Measures in Spice Industry


17、Jörg Lickfett

Latest laboratory and quality news for spice exporters to Europe


18、Willem Scato Van Walt Meijer

Pepper Global Crop Report 2020 


19、Giridhar Rao

Sustainable Spices and Herbs -- Scaling Impact


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