2019 China Spice Conference Speeches


Nov.21-24,2019  Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing, China


Topic I  Afternoon of Nov.22

China Spice Industry Report

Three Peppers Report: Pepper, Chilly and Sichuan Pepper

China Sichuan Pepper Report

China White Pepper Report

China Star Aniseed and Cassia Report

China Dehydrated Onion Report

China Garlic Report


Topic II  Afternoon of Nov.22

Professional Research

Standards of Spices in China

Professional Topic from Nanjing Agricultural University


Topic III  Morning of Nov.23

World Spice Market

World Paprika Report -- Ramon Sabater

World Cassia Report -- Nilesh Dattani

Turkish Herbs Report -- Kutas


Topic IV  Morning of Nov.23

Guests from Other Association

ASTA -- Laura Shumow

IPC -- Hoang Thi Lien  


Topic V  Afternoon of Nov.23

Comprehensive Topics

Requirements for Suppliers from Big Users--McCormick, Larry Lichter

Chlormequat Problems and Quality Standards in EU--ESA, Martin Einig

Report from SGS


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