2019 China Spice Conference Sponsorship


Nov.21-24,2019  Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing, China


China Spice Association
Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University
BCFoods Inc.

Diamond Sponsor:
Shandong Taishan Lee Food Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Golden Sponsor:
Hancheng Hongda Sichuan Pepper Flavor Co.,Ltd.

Tea-break Sponsor:
Shandong Pangda Condiment & Food Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Manhing Spice Corporation
Guangxi Baojue Trading Company Limited

Bags & Cards Sponsor:
Qingdao Sabater Spices Food Co.,Ltd.

Gifts Sponsor:
Qingdao Bolan Group Co.,Ltd.
Guangxi Fangchenggang Gongfa Trading Co.,Ltd.

Photo Sponsor:
Tianjin Maiweibao Bio-tech Co.,Ltd.

International Pepper Community
European Spice Association
Export Development Board Sri Lanka
All Indian Spices Exporters Forum
Hainan Pepper Association
Keppel (Qingdao) Biotech Co.,Ltd.

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