2019 China Spice Conference Programme


Nov.21-24,2019  Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing, China


Nov.21, 2019  Thursday

10:00-22:00 Registration

19:00 Welcome Dinner

Nov.22, 2019  Friday

09:00 Gather in Lobby, take shuttle bus to 2019 China Int’l Food Ingredients Expo

09:30 Opening Ceremony of the Expo

10:30 B2B Talks with Turkish Spice Group

10:30 Business Visit in the Expo

12:00 Take Bus Back to Hotel for Lunch (Buffet)

13:00-18:30 Exhibition in Conference Hall

13:30 Opening of the Conference, Remarks

Mr. Rong Weidong, Vice President of CFNA

Mr. Mike Liu, Chairman of Committee of CSA

13:45 Group Photo (Corridor outside of Conference Hall)

14:00 Speech I Analysis of Spice International Trade Situation

Mr. Zhang Lubiao, Director of Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of Ministry of

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

14:25 Speech II Policy on Development of Characteristic Industry

Mr. ***, Director of Department of Industry Development of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

14:50 Speech III Analysis of China and Global Pepper Market in 2019

Mr. Chen Kebo, Chairman of Hainan Pepper Association 

15:10 Speech IV Szechuan, Chili and Black Pepper Crop Report & Mexican Chili Introduction

Mr. Cai Yangyang, Business Director of BCFoods

Mr. Baljit (Bal) Singh Pattar, Business Director of Culinary Farms Inc.

15:40 Speech V Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Sichuan Pepper Industry in 2019

Mr. Chen Shuangting, Chairman of the Board of Hancheng Hongda Sichuan Pepper Flavor Co.,Ltd.

16:00 Tea-break, Exhibition and Commercial Time

17:00 Speech VI 2019 Industry Report of China Star Aniseed and Cassia -- Great China, Beautiful Guangxi

Mr. Wei Xingsong, Director of Longchun Star Aniseed Cooperative in Tengxian County, Guangxi

17:20 Speech VII 2019 Market Report of China Dehydrated Vegetable and Onion

Mr. Su Hai, Business Director of BCFoods Inc.

17:40 Speech VIII 2019 Chinese Garlic Crop Report

Mr. Fu Yingbo, Sales Manager of Shandong Manhing Spice Corporation

18:00 Speech IX China Paprika and Paprika Industry Evolution

Mr. Ramon Sabater, General Manager of Qingdao Sabater Spices Food Co.,Ltd.

18:30 Supper (Buffet)

Nov.23, 2019  Saturday

08:00-18:30 Exhibition in Conference Hall

08:30 Speech X From Cassia to Cinnamon in 1960s to 2020s!

Mr. Nilesh Dattani, Managing Director of Orient Resources Company, Hongkong

09:00 Speech XI Turkish Herbs Report

Mr. Sayil Gundem, Sales Director of Kutas Group, Turkey

09:30 Speech XII Pepper Global Crop Report 2020 

Mr. Willem Scato Van Walt Meijer, General Director of Nedspice Processing Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.

Ms. Anh Thai Van, Research Director of Nedspice Processing Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.

10:00-11:00 Tea-break, Exhibition and Commercial Time

11:00 Speech XIII Assuring Food Integrity in a Global Supply Chain

Mr. Larry Lichter, Vice President, Global Quality & Food Safety of McCormick & Company, Inc., USA

11:30 Speech XIV Sustainable Spices and Herbs -- Scaling Impact

Mr. Giridhar Rao, V.P (Sustainable Spices & Herbs) of Griffith Foods, WW, India

12:00 Lunch (Buffet)

13:00-14:00 Exhibition and Commercial Time

14:00 Speech XV Update on US Policies and Regulations Impacting Spice Trade: Perspectives from ASTA

Ms. Laura Shumow, Executive Director of American Spice Trade Association (ASTA)

14:20 Speech XVI Global Pepper Market Updates

Ms. Hoang Thi Lien, Executive Director of International Pepper Community (IPC) 

14:40 Speech XVII Mastering Challenges Together: Cooperation Between ESA and Origin Countries

Mr. Simon Cripps, President of European Spice Association (ESA) 

15:00-16:00 Tea-break, Exhibition and Commercial Time

16:00 Speech XVIII Latest Laboratory and Quality News for Spice Exporters to Europe

Mr. Jörg Lickfett, Strategic Account Manager of Eurofins Ndsc Food Testing Germany Gmbh

16:30 Speech XIX Microbiological Problems and Preventive Measures in Spice Industry

Ms. Zhang Hongmei (Amanda Zhang), Senior Technical Manager of SGS

17:00 Speech XX Application Status and Development Trend of Fermentation and Enzyme Preparations in

                            Complex Seasoning

Prof. Li Wei, Doctoral Supervisor of College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University

17:45 Speech XXI  Thoughts about Value-added Innovation and Development of Spices

Mr. Zhao Botao, Researcher/Vice Director of Nanjing Institute for Comprehensive Utilization of Wild Plants

18:30 Supper (Buffet)

Nov.24, 2019  Sunday

08:45 Gather in Lobby and depart before 9

09:45 Visit National Center of Meat Quality and Safety Control, Nanjing Agricultural University

11:30 Drive to Zhenjiang City

12:30 Lunch in Zhenjiang City

13:30 Visit Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry Co.,Ltd.

15:00 Drive back to Nanjing.  Stop at Zhenjiang High-speed Railway Station, and Nanjing South High Speed Railway Station

17:30 Back at Jumeirah Hotel, Nanjing. No Supper


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